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David Stocker


About David Stocker 

David Stocker is an attorney and business professional based in Phoenix, Arizona. He is busy as Vice President of Client Services and Head of Legal Affairs for Tigunia, LLC. David has many surprises up his sleeve, including a history in the music industry.

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, David Stocker has a deep love for his local community. He attended high school in the area, graduating in 1978. Following this, he attended Mesa Community College, graduating with an associate’s degree in music. Later, David Stocker attended the University of Las Vegas to earn a BA in Music Performance. For years, David supported himself as a musician, working in Las Vegas for a time. However, as much as David enjoyed working within the music industry, he had to admit that it wasn’t everything he hoped it would be. For this reason, he began to consider alternatives that would better suit his aspirations.

Years later, David Stocker once again returned to school. This time, he had a new goal in mind. He attended the California Western School of Law, earning his Juris Doctorate. David graduated in the top third of the class and quickly passed his bar. With a doctorate and license in hand, David Stocker was able to move forward in his career goals. 

Upon graduation, David Stocker opened his own private legal practice. David ran this solo practice until 2008 when he realized it was time for another change. This change eventually led to David working for Tigunia, LLC. Together with his brother, David helped to found Tigunia. It is an information technology and consulting firm. Tigunia offers a diverse talent pool skilled in Dynamics NAV and BC development, implementation, analysis, upgrades, consulting, and training. Additionally, we specialize in SQL Server, Visual Studio, .NET, Salesforce, CRM, virtualization, business reporting, Business Intelligence, analytics, and web development.

David Stocker plays a pivotal role within Tigunia, shouldering many critical responsibilities. His duties encompass client services, legal affairs, and ensuring quality assurance. In this capacity, he oversees various aspects, including software development, project management, and legal operations, demonstrating his multifaceted expertise and dedication to excellence in all facets of the organization.

Over the years, David Stocker has accumulated a trustworthy reputation. Many seek his professional opinion. As such, David has always been quick to advise those who need it. One example would be his advice for an article titled “David Stocker, Attorney from Arizona, Explains What Your Workforce Can Do to Enhance Your Company’s Security.”

Beyond his professional endeavors, David Stocker pursues various interests and hobbies. Apart from his passion for music, he enjoys mountain biking through rugged terrain and indulging in the meticulous art of recreational car detailing.

David Stocker embodies a philanthropic spirit, demonstrating a commitment to giving back to his community. Alongside his professional and leisure pursuits, he dedicates his time to providing pro bono legal services to those in need, exemplifying his generous nature and desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

To learn more about David Stocker, visit his Business or Lifestyle Website.

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